Aurora Gabriela Rosales AR

Artist in Residence


Aurora Rosales’s body of work ranges from painting to collaborative social initiatives.

Her paintings are an individual declaration of passion and commitment to the project of painting, where references to female painters and gestural sensibilities accumulate.

Her collaborative projects are intimately related to groups and things, which were left out of the dominant narrative. These projects seek mainly to create and expand the sense of community trough social experiences. Such as an artist-run exhibition space in a public location, dinners facilitated by an economy of compassion and open-air painting meetings in urban spaces.


Coming from a pathriarcal culture I was aware of the inequality surrounding the female gender, but motherhood has brought this awareness to another level, and it’s a subject that I want to consciously include in my work during this residency.

My project for this residency intends to create a parallelism of stigmatization between female gender and decorative art, confronting the present with the past in order to show the persistence of the marginalization of the role of women in society trough the creation of handicrafts. These forms of art are also marginalized from the art history and intimately related with the female practice.

Meeting other female artists in the same situation as I am is very important to me as well, to belong to a community as a woman, as an artist and as a mother.

I’m convinced this residency will be an empowering experience in my career, but mostly as a mother artist.


Boy, 4 months old