Cecilia Bengtsson SE

Artist in Residence


It is because of the interval that everything is possible. Here you and I take our shape, traverse our egos to send out connecting signals but get something else than echoes back. We reposition ourselves in relation to the returned ‘answers’, renegotiate.

I sculpt in these waters of relations in between. In fact, everything I do is sculpting – sculpting as an attitude and as a way of thinking. Considering everything being material I manipulate sounds, objects, movements and voices in order to explore the zone of interrelations. The outcomes are sculptures in the shape they need to be (performance or objects or other medium). Through my artistic practice I aim at an understanding of the interval that connects us.


As a new mother the urgency to make art is stronger than ever but time is also scarcer. The Mothers in Arts residency offers a great chance to facilitate the production of urgent art-works. Taking part of the residency is however not only a solution to the time-management problem that one faces while getting a child as a woman artist. To be part of the residency is for me also be a political act. An act that bears the power of something new. A power that can change the stigmatized (artist) mother into a positive and that can challenge a male dominated art scene. I am therefore thrilled to be part of a first trial of Mothers in Arts residency – as an artist and as an activist - to hopefully pave the way for generations of mother-artists to come.


Boy, 13 months old