Cecilia Cavalieri BR

Artist in Residence


I'm a 33 year old visual artist born in São Paulo and based in rio de janeiro. my work assembles an artistic practice with theoretical research, relating art and nature, and, more recently, art and economy/ecology in installations, photos, sculptures, texts, objects and videos. a bit less than a year ago, thanks to an immersion in motherhood, such interests gained aesthetical force in my plastic and theoretical work. all i want, as an artist – and a woman, and a mother – is to touch the materiality of some of the contemporary crisis, bringing them up to the art field and turning them into an experience of resistence. once these crisis are based on the foundation of the subject, i’m trying to develop, in each work, an ecology of this subject in a cosmopolitic and cosmopoetic excercise.


This project is a possibility of deepening some issues related to motherhood and which slips into my past and present history as an artist. it is also an opportunity to explore more of what i believe to be mothering art-activism, in the sense of promoting new ways of thinking and doing politics through the deconstruction and reconfiguration of the aesthetical parading of mothering. as an artist i opened up a flank of nature in order to extract the origin of a possible melancholia in works which relate this affection to the idea of lack of a land. and as a mother i'm still trying to regain possession of the largely occupied body which was born with the baby: the body of milk.


Girl, 22 months old